Projects :

The Heroine's Journey

Digital Collage 

Joseph Campbell, in "The Hero With a Thousand Faces extracted a common story structure, a monomyth, from the world's folk tales, a concept Hollywood has used for decades.  Julie's 16 part suite explores the question of what a Heroine's Journey might look like. 


The two paintings below arise from the digital collages which follow.

"Waking Up",

Oil on Canvas


This is the first stage.

The journey begins when something disturbs the status quo of life as it has been.


Whether an internal or external event or both, this trigger cannot be ignored and life as it has been for the heroine needs to change. 

'Unexpected Friends'

Oil on Canvas


Another stage along a journey that is not predictably linear. 

At this point the heroine may feel she has to face any challenges alone. Then unexpected friends or allies turn up. In myth, metaphor or in life, these helpers can take the form of an animal.  

Examples of the 16 suite digital collage. The complete suite of cards are available for sale. 

© 2017 by Julie Cunningham.

Shoalhaven & Sydney NSW Australia  0411109813 

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