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Projects : The Heroine's Journey

In "The Hero With a Thousand Faces, the mythologist Joseph Campbell describes a story structure found within folk tales all over the world. The hero's journey is a concept Hollywood dined out on for decades. I explored what a Heroine's Journey might look like in a 16 part suite of digital collages. The paintings below arise from the digital collages which follow.

"Waking Up",      Oil on Canvas

The journey begins. The status quo is disturbed. She is served 'notice' as a figure falls into the sea. The pressure to break out mounts. 


'Unexpected Friends'.  Oil on Canvas

Another stage in the not necessarily, linear journey. 

Here the heroine is alone, or feels alone in facing her challenges. Then unexpectedly friends or allies turn up. In myth or in life, these allies may also take the form of an animal.  


Examples of the 16 suite digital collage. 

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