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Film: Revisioning - women in pre history. 

"Double X and the Unmentionable Underbelly of His-story". 

When I studied prehistory in high school women were rarely referred to. I knew there was more to know. After being gifted a book by a boyfriend about the archaeologist Marija Gimbutas, (The Language of the Goddess) I dived deep into research, which revealed women's contribution in prehistory, as not only vital to survival, but to the creation of cultures. These cultures celebrated the divine as embodied in female, animal, male and elemental forms, in pottery and small sculptures. I condensed this research into this 13 minute, 35mm animation designed and directed at Film Australia and which I also animated sections of along with Lee Whitmore, Paul Livingston and others. Dave Mason of The Reels fame created the music. XX was awarded a prize for documentary at Chicago's Intercom Festival & one for Fiction at the Sydney Film Festival in1986.

"Signs Out of Time"  Belli Productions      


It was great to be commissioned to produce animation, enhance images of Neolithic sculptures and illustrate scenes for the documentary called 'Signs Out of Time' about the archaeologist Marija Gimbutas, shown on PBS America. This work appears throughout the documentary, which can be purchased from Belli Productions or viewed in segments on You Tube. There was decades of backlash against Marija's work, but her theory there was a collision of two very different cultures from 3500 BC onwards when agrarian, peaceful female centered cultures of South Eastern Europe suffered a series of invasions by the male dominated, Sky-God worshiping heirarchica,l Kurgan culture, was vindicated in 2017 through DNA analysis. Read about that here. 

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