The 'Between Worlds' series was a part of a group show at The Shop Gallery Glebe, 2-8th July 2020. Now three can be seen in the Rex-Livingston Gallery Katoomba NSW. 

Julie created these digital collages post the 19-20 summer of fires during Covid lockdown while the Black Lives Matter movement was arising and unfolding. In these works Julie imagines the life force speaking to and through our times expressed in reimagined forms of the Dark Madonna. 

Each piece is printed on silk and stretched over a frame of Tasmanian oak finished with a black Japan varnish. The prints are attached top and bottom while the sides shy away a few millimetres from the  frame edge allowing the silk to breathe.

A close up below shows the vibrancy of the prints.

These works are for sale as limited edition prints or assembled with a frame.

'Made Of This'


Describing the natural world as 'the environment' makes it sound like a backdrop surround to our lives, somewhat like the Truman Show - yet we are made of and share similar, or the same, essences. 


All the assembled photographic elements were gathered from the Shoalhaven.

Limited edition of 8 silk prints. (5 now available.)

60 x 83 cm for print. Also available with the frame.

Price on request, please contact me.

 'Of Earth and Sky'

Water is pulled up, stored, evaporates, falls; moving in a sacred cycle, why not call it that?

Like a lover nourishing, ravishing, restoring, soothing, leaving, returning, yet always a part of us.

Limited edition of 8 silk prints. 


60 x 83 cm. Also available with the frame.

Price on request, please contact me. 

'Memento Vita'

In Michelangelo's Pieta the Madonna looks down at Jesus.  

In Julie's image the Dark Madonna looks out at the viewer holding the remnants of a wombat. Like all the creatures lost in the summer fires of 19-20 the wombat is an unwilling sacrifice to our collective inertia to take action re CC.  

Climate Change was first identified and described in the 1970's. 

If we keep the loss in view, as a ‘memento vita’ will we act where-ever we can, for nature and the generations after us?

Limited edition of 8 silk prints. (7 currently available)

83 x 60 cm Also available with the frame. 

Price on request, please contact me.

'Black Rose'

In this image Julie celebrates Black Lives Matter and calls up the Black Madonna's connections with justice movements. 

Limited edition of 30 silk prints. 

60 x 83 cm. Also available with the frame.

Price on request, please contact me.

'The Upwelling'


Due to photosynthesis light is credited with giving life to everything.

Yet plumes upwelling from vents on the sea floor carry rich chemicals that stimulate microbial life. Scientists propose the effects of this creation cocktail, a.k.a. chemosynthesis, may have begun life on Earth. 

Limited edition of 8 silk prints. 

Price on request, please contact me.

74 x 90 cm (The print). Also available with the frame 


© 2017 by Julie Cunningham.

Shoalhaven & Sydney NSW Australia  0411109813 

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