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Projects : 'Story Doctor': Documentary & Mixed Media

Story Doctor: Master of Fine Arts Research 2007 - 2011
Elements: book cover design, video and installation, website and paintings
Exhibition 2011: COFA Space, Sydney   
This project had its genesis in 2007 following a fortuitous meeting on a flight where Julie met Dr Brian Broom, a New Zealand doctor, both an immunologist and psychotherapist. 
The doctor had just completed a book called 'Meaning-full Disease' and he needed a cover idea. Talking to the doctor Julie had a glimpse into his work. It triggered an image to appear to her which she later made into a cover design for the book.

Dr Broom's work reveals how our body-minds respond to stories about ourselves and others, stories carried at a level beyond conscious awareness. Further, that talking therapy can dramatically impact a person's physiology for the  positive.

What followed was an exploration titled "Story Doctor", the basis of Julie's Fine Arts Masters research resulting in two short films and a suite of paintings.  

Christina's Story below, is from Julie's video documentation of Dr Broom's patients, albeit now augmented. 

Christina met with Dr Broom after 20 years of medical intervention for a persistent condition. The results of talk therapy were remarkable!

The suite of paintings from the COFA Space exhibition 2011, 'Open Textures'

For more on Dr Brian Broom and whole person health care:

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