Projects : Place


April 2015, site specific exhibition

Historic House - Maroubra Sydney 

Mistral Headland,North Maroubra.  these paintings were brushed, plein air, outside on the headland, apart from the imagery in the sky in painting no 3. Painting this way offers an intimate way to engage with place.

June 2016 - 

ISLAND is about Comerong Island in the estuary of the Shoalhaven River. 

A mixed media exploration; “ISLAND.”  ISLAND is both the particular island - Comerong - at the head of the Shoalhaven River and also the imaginal idea of “Island” as separate and remote. My thought is that Comerong challenges that idea as it is an island in relationship, surrounded by two rivers and the sea while being overseen by Coolangatta/Cullunghutti Mountain; relationships that have spacial, ecological and cultural dimensions. Photographs, sculpture, paintings and moving image works are a part of this exploration.


© 2017 by Julie Cunningham. 

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