Places can carry feeling and history and leave traces on you. Julie feels fortunate to have lived in a number of places that have those qualities. In these projects she celebrates them.


2015, site specific exhibition

Historic House - Maroubra Sydney 

These scenes were painted plein air on Mistral Headland, North Maroubra, apart from the imagery in the sky in painting no 3, which refers to the hidden pre colonial history of Sydney's coastal waters. Living by this headland for fifteen years Julie came to feel a part of the place. Painting plein offered her an intimate way to engage.


Photographs of Comerong Island in the estuary of the Shoalhaven River. 

To Julie, Comerong Island at the head of the Shoalhaven River, is impressive with its beautiful light and dual nature; part wild reserve and part fields for dairy cows and 13 houses. Comerong challenges the imaginal idea of an island as separate and remote as it is in relationship with the sea, the two rivers surrounding it and being overseen by Cullunghutti Mountain.   


© 2017 by Julie Cunningham.

Shoalhaven & Sydney NSW Australia  0411109813 

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