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Projects: Curation & Participation in 'BIRD'  

'BIRD', a mixed media group exhibition Julie curated in June 2018 as part of Jervis Bay's See Change Festival. The visual celebration of birds was enhanced by an informative talk by Birdlife Shoalhaven and music and poetry of Geoff Datsun and Annette Hughes. Not only were real birds celebrated but also the ones that roost in our imaginations.  

Julie Cunningham - Curation, Paintings, Installation

Datson & Hughes - Music & Poetry    

David Gribble ACS - Photography 

Sarah Parker - Painting 

Fiona Roderick - Prints 

Meagan Potter - Paintings 

Randall Sinnamon - Sculpture

Sheree Morris - Painting 


Julie's  "Look Inside" installation in the forest at Tomerong, later a part of the mixed media exhibition. 

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