OPAL - Drama feature. My role: Writer/Director & Researcher.  

Received script investment funds for three drafts from the Australian Film Commission (AFC)


KISSING THE BEAST - Three part documentary. My role: Concept/Writer/Director The project received script development investment funding from NSW Film & TV Office.


THE TWELVE KEYS OF BASIL VALENTINE - 40 min experimental drama. My role: Concept/Writer/Director/Designer. 


DOUBLE X - 13 min 35 mm animation. Produced by Film Australia. My role : Concept/Researcher/Writer/Designer/Director/Animator    

Awarded a Silver Hugo in the Documentary category of the Intercom Industrial Festival, Chicago and a Greater Union Award in the Fiction category of the Sydney Film Festival. 


SIGH OF THE SERPENT- Feature drama. Script investment from the Australian Film Commission  My role: Writer

Writing and researching for film.

NOTE: Many people are writing scripts. Some are funded. All these were, fortunately for me, funded. Only DOUBLE X was made.   

© 2017 by Julie Cunningham. 

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