Writing and research.

OPAL - Drama feature.

Julie's role: Writer/Director & Researcher.  

Received script investment funds for three drafts from the Australian Film Commission (AFC)

OPAL is a surreal fiction drama about a girl's descent into anorexia where the condition itself is personified into four characters.


KISSING THE BEAST - Documentary.

Julie's role: Concept/Writer/Director The project received script development investment funding from NSW Film & TV Office.

This documentary asks the question - how much influence do childhood experiences have on the development of a person and following that, be writ large on a world stage? This film's form is tryptic. One section is rendered in a German expressionist style, one is interviews with experts and one exams the growing phenomena of Neo Nazis. 

THE TWELVE KEYS OF BASIL VALENTINE - a short experimental drama. 

Julie's role: Concept/Writer/Director/Designer. 

THE TWELVE KEYS is a surreal drama mostly set within a verdant garden and old house. Three siblings play with alchemical formulas until one day when Bella is mysteriously taken and never found. Basil her elder brother, attempts to bury his grief in distracting relationships. This never works until he meets Lily.

DOUBLE X  And The Unmentionable Underbelly of His-story 

13 min 35 mm animation. Produced by Film Australia.

Julie's role : Concept/Researcher/Writer/Designer/Director/Animator    

Awarded a Silver Hugo in the Documentary category of the Intercom Industrial Festival, Chicago and a Greater Union Award in the Fiction category of the Sydney Film Festival. 

DOUBLE X puts forward a revised version of prehistory where women's contribution to the beginnings of culture central and to be found expressed through ritual, crafts and symbol.


SIGH OF THE SERPENT - Feature drama.

Julie's role: Writer 

This project received script investment from the Australian Film Commission

A coming of age drama, romance set in inner city Sydney.

© 2017 by Julie Cunningham.

Shoalhaven & Sydney NSW Australia  0411109813 

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