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Private Sessions

The shape of private  sessions.

Initially through conversation and checking in with what is happening for you, an aspect of your life will come to the fore that needs more attention. While this is happening an art process will come to my mind which offers a way to explore that aspect.


I will describe the process to you and invite you to engage with it. It might involve crayons, paint, collage, clay or something else! If it doesn't appeal there are other processes to choose from. 


As you engage with the process I sit with you. We might talk during this time or not. Generally it is best to allow the creative process to absorb you and keep talk to a minimum. 


When you are ready... the art process can take 20 - 40 mins..I ask you questions about what you've created which draw out  associations. In this way we go deeper and often something quite surprising will arise that your conscious mind wasn't aware of, revealing more than if a session was only relying on words. Hidden aspects can be revealed. 


Your own answers are within you so I am there to help you bring them to the fore. There is never any forcing, imposing, insistence, or analysis.


You can experience a release just through the power of witnessed expression, particularly when something has been pushed right out of consciousness.  At other times a set of unhelpful beliefs clears energy that previously tied us up in low self worth, indecision, procrastination and other unhelpful choices and maladaptations. All situations, people and sessions are different but creative self reflection helps to keep us closer to our truth, helps us to stop abandoning ourselves for others. In this way we drop unhealthy beliefs that can affect our physical health and keep us from our wellbeing. 


At the end of a session I may suggest processes to do at home.

A set of sessions can help you to settle into the process and follow through to attain the goals you have. 


A session is $ 90 or if you commit to a set of 5, costs are reduced. 

I would be honoured to be your guide in self exploration through creative means.

Let’s Work Together

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