revisioning ; women & history 

In my twenties, after studying prehistory in school and hearing naught about women's contribution in those millennia, I came across the work of the archaeologist Marija Gimbutas and then others; Robert Briffault & Eric Newman (and more) variously describing women in prehistory as being vital to not only survival, but the creation of culture. My research resulted in designing and directing Double X and the Unmentionable Underbelly of His-story, a 13min 35mm with Dolby Sound animation.

"Signs Out of Time"                      Belli Productions

The video below is a section from a Canadian/American documentary about the archaeologist Marija Gimbutas  who dedicated her life to researching and interpreting the neglected artifacts of Neolithic Old Europe. She described the cultures which flourished for millennia along the rivers of old Europe as peaceful farming communities where women played a central role and the cycle of life was honoured. ​I was commissioned by a Canadian/American Company to do animation, illustration of Neolithic scenes and to enhance the Neolithic sculptures for the screen, work which is scattered throughout this long form documentary which was shown on PBS. The whole documentary can be purchased from Belli Productions or is available in sections on You Tube.

© 2017 by Julie Cunningham. 

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