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Film: Revisioning - women in pre history. 

"Double X".  Produced at Film Australia

In prehistory in high school Julie found women rarely referred to. When, in her twenties she discovered the work of the archaeologist Marija Gimbutas and others such as Robert Briffault and Eric Newman, she found a way richer take on women's contribution in prehistory; as not only vital to survival, but to the creation of cultures. These were cultures where the divine was celebrated and found in many forms, animal, human, female, male. Her research resulted in Julie's design of a 13 minute, 35mm animation at Film Australia - "Double X and the Unmentionable Underbelly of His-story", which she also directed and animated sections of along with Lee Whitmore and others. XX was awarded prizes for documentary in Chicago's Intercom Fest. & for Fiction in the Sydney Film Festival.

"Signs Out of Time"  Belli Productions      


Julie was commissioned to produce animation, enhance images of Neolithic sculptures and illustrate scenes for the documentary called 'Signs Out of Time' about the archaeologist Marija Gimbutas, shown on PBS America.  Julie's work appears throughout this documentary, which can be directly purchased from Belli Productions or viewed in segments on You Tube.

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